Key Objectives

Our aim is to prepare experts in data and security protection within the IoT ecosystem based on new approach of “learning nuggets” for fast and on-demand learning.
The specific goals supporting it are:

  • development of competence framework for new experts in IoT cyber security
  • equipping VET learners and trainers with methodological guidance, tools and instruments for training in IoT cyber security
  • develop and try out a CPD course for testing and further use in “Cyber security of the IoT “
  • support entrepreneurs to start a business in the IoT ecosystem
  • develop innovative model for learning – “learning nuggets”

Nuggets are capsules of information to be used in the right moment, engaging and interactive, multimedia enabled. It is a new trend in training allowing avoidance of overload for trainees. Nuggets distill information and target specific information to utilize the learners time efficiently so that specialists can build and upgrade their skills and knowledge in small chunks of content.

We are targeting two groups:

  • VET providers and trainers in the ICT field software engineers and programmers who want and need to update their competences, knowledge and skills (Lifelong learning) in cyber security of the ecosystem of IoT
  • ICT entrepreneurs who has, want and/or would want to start their own business in the IoT ecosystem.

The project foresees developing “on demand” learning content to be applied at work. It allows upgrade of skills for employees and entrepreneurs in the IoT field. In order to deliver a safer and more secure IoT environment, tech companies and solutions developers will need to take a lead role in making their devices and solutions as secure as possible.